Run for the Unborn
...because they will never learn to crawl.


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 Early bird registration deals end on September30th.  So register today to save your spot!

New Shirtless Registration Rate: You have participated the last two years and do not feel the need to have another shirt.  Then register with our Shirtless rate.  Simply subtract $5 from regstration and mark form with SR next to price.

New Religious order rate:   would it not be an awesome testimony to have this event dotted with women and men who have given their life for Christ?   Perhaps some healthy compition between orders.  Register today for the discount rate of $10.  Simply print the form and fill in "RR" in the price spot. 

New Satellite Runs:  Want to help and participate, but making it to Wisconsin is impossible.  Get a group together.  Register as a "satellite" group.  Rate is $5 a person.  Call the race director or email her for further details.  This option is perfect for college kids, members of the military or just life loving individuals who want to join the cause.  Each participant will recieve a race shirt.